Why am I inconsistent??

This is not an post that will help you become consistent cause I am too struggling with it. Take a workout routine ;not gonna last more than one week or blogging ,not happening . So I ask myself why I am so inconsistent????

Answers are many….

1) I am a professional procastinator.

No excuses I am lazy person you will meet . I want to achieve something but my bed and sleep calls me ,if not I will do it 10mins later. So bye bye to productivity

2) Other works..

This is basically an excuse I give myself ..I have other works to do is the worst lie I tell to myself cause I do have other work but I have so much of spare time to which I don’t utilize.

3) Comparing

Now this I don’t know if anyone can relate but I really love writing but every time I want to post my post seems to be meh so I end up not posting it. And my draft are full with the topics I don’t know if anyone is interested or not. This is most because I compare myself with other people writing ,being aware all people are different and unique and writing will be different and I am at noob stage

4) Lack of time management skill

This is one of the hardest cause I do have lot of spare time and as I told I procastinate . So time flies away and wish I could just have enough time management skill to manage to what I have cause it’s gonna be lot help.

5) Feeling less motivated

Like I told comparing writing skills ,I sometimes feel no motivation cause views are low and likes are less . At beginning 1 view was huge deal but over the time I feel less motivated with less view and likes . It feels like my words had no value.

From my brainstorming I found these reasons for my inconsistency . And I don’t want superficial reason to be wall between me and writing . So I will try to be more consistent from now on . Hope I can do better than this.


Being aimless and being perfectly fine with it

Don’t get me wrong here just because I am aimless and still trying to figure out life here doesn’t mean I am encouraging everyone to be aimless .

I am nearing my mid 20s and most of the friends of mine already started their life with job or family . And I basically am figuring out things to do which I can’t clearly figure out. I am somewhat ashamed and not ashamed at same time saying I am aimless and I don’t mind it .

In the competitive world where everyone is excelling each other in any field ,I am just an average person who don’t have desire to excel competing like bulls. I always dreamt of peace way to lead my life but every time I try to do anything I will just get anxious and ruin the things up so nothing has worked out for me . Since nothing has worked out I couldn’t figure out what to do next .

And I feel there are many people like me who are just figuring things like me , having no clue ,and no aim . So it’s just reminder for me and you it’s fine to slow down the pace and it’s okay to move like tortoise or hare cause at the end both will finish the line no matter who wins first.


Why everyone should give blog a try?

I started to write my blog in the end of 2020 . You can call it out of boredom or just experimenting or whatever you want . And personally I am not a regular blogger like other who post out the beautiful article which is knowledgeable and informative . My blog is just a random girl blog who post any thing she wants and most of the time my blog just stay in the draft . But it’s been more than 20 post and I enjoyed every bit of it and I know there are lot of people who doesn’t have interest in it but I truly think everyone should try and do blogging and here’s why…

1)It’s like personal diary of feeling

My draft has been full of the emotional thought I have at my point of life . And while I do have real diary , I don’t carry it around when I am having some real thought . And writing note in the phone is not the same feeling as writing in diary. So blogging and just savings it in draft helps to keep the emotions and thoughts in the safe place and when you post it someone might really relate the thought to you.

2)Helps to keep it real

While blogging you express your innermost thoughts and you express it in your way and there is no restrictions so you become real to yourself . I know most of the people out there don’t have sunny life and in the day like that blogging your experience will help keep things real between yourself cause you are here mentioning your feelings and keeping things real is way to go in blog.

3)Trying out new things

It’s just an experience at the end ,you never tried writing just try it out ,grow your audience and see their reaction ( though I don’t have much but still). Trying something new and getting knowledge is just part of life so just try writing who know you will enjoy writing.

4) For improving yourself

Now someone might say how can writing improve you but expressing the thought and just saying yourself that you will just enhance yourself will bring improvement . And for some begginer writer blogging can be just a part of improving your writing skills .

So give blogging a try and suggest others to do that cause a nice advice is good for the life πŸ™‚


Shit that happen again

I tried to not to look back on the same embrassing past ,

But look that shit happen again,

I know complaining is not good ,

But who likes to go through the same thing again,

Wake up ,dress up ,smile to yourself in the mirror ,

Aggrement with past to not follow me every again but look it happened again …

Not the same past I repeat ,

But a new present with the same thing,

When will this get over I say ,

But I know even if this ends ,

Same shit will happen again….


Reverting 2020

Noone want to rethink of 2020 ..NOONE

But think of it human always avoid change when change is necessary and needed ( no I am not a fan of 2020) but take a minute and think , as it says every black cloud has silver lining…

We all needed a break and I do feel bad for the people who have lost their loved ones who suffered unnecessary.

As always time will heal and people will move on and I trust myself that daily life will come soon with some changes( for sure ,you should also trust me).

In the sad and dark world today 2020 showed the meaning of daily routine that we hated ,talk about saving world by sitting and sleeping in the room (I did). In the fast world ,the virus taught us to slow down a bit smell the freshness you missed because of pollution , listen to the chirping bird that were no longer to be heard because of horns of the vehicle. Let’s stop for some while and be quite . Let’s appreciate the front liner and those who constantly fought for us being out there .

Let’s be greatful for the boredom caused by the lazzines, alteast we tried to learn new techniques. Those who were constantly out and haven’t returned the home came home and had the time to return home and eat food. I know for most of the people mental health was a great issue and I am sorry for those who left us because of it and also be proud of those who fought this .

I am not saying the pandemic was great things that happened in the world to be honest, it was the worst but look at the positive side was the motto I was always taught throughout my life and I don’t want my worst year to be my next worst year too so I appreciate whatever happened in the year 2020 and don’t want to continue my 2020 in my 2021

Let me know what was your story and the silver line you found during your quarantine days..



I am a girl and the only place I deserve is at bottom ,

My body is a trend ,

One day they lust for the thick thigh and big breast,

Other they want us to be skinny,

My validation is only when I become good wife other wise I have to say sorry,

Cut me through knife and I will still smile cause that’s what they say ,

They gross out the blood from where they came from,

They mold us to point where we can’t take breath,

Still worshipping us as goddess you fools ,

It doesn’t matter who we are,

We only belong to kitchen as my elder said..

Huh that’s the concept I want to change…


Writing quotes in diary

Now I am not a big book reader but once in a while I indulge myself into good writing (though I am not good at it) and while I do that I find my self in the situation of author or the character (I know other feel same too).

I don’t know how much you guys do this but whenever I find the sentence that really feel like it was for me or this is such a true point I underlined it πŸ˜‚.so after I do it I write in on my diary ( so child likeπŸ˜…) . But I feel that people often should do this I write the sentence like some great quotes and whenever I feel down I just look up the written sentences (for me great quotes ) and feel these sentences are for me and the word encourages to face the day again.

It’s like my past self knew what I will go through and wrote a small notes for me just so that I feel motivated tomorrow. And a little secret I make flower and small personal details to that written page so it feels more special (hey self love should be encouraged and comes in different packet).


You giving me advice and I give you advice

Life has always taught lesson to everyone . It’s not new to say if we had done same mistake to learn same lesson . But the struggle we go through we always seek for help and guidance and advice . Fun fact there are less person who follow there own advice.

Whenever I feel to struggle and lost my way I seek for guidance and advice from my closet one. And thankfully their advice works . But when they seek advice I return back the same advice .

Thing is I giving you advice and you giving me advice are the laws and rules we broke and to manage the damage same rules are applied but at the end we are human and we forget the rules and the circle starts of you giving me advice and I give you advice..


What are we?

We are nothing but the cells,

Nothing but the mere memory,

Nothing but a shadow,

Nothing but an human,

But no we are the billion of cells that is different,

So what we are someone’s mere memory we are the important part of it,

So what if we are shadow ,we don’t leave own side

Not just a human but an unique individual we are capable of having and being whatever we want….



When I thought I wanted to write blog or post about my thoughts I never knew I had nothing to write .

My thoughts were so small yet large and communication skill was so low I just couldn’t write anything and the drafts started to fill than the post . I couldn’t deliver what I was thinking or what I wanted to convey .

Is it me that was abnormal here or everyone was like me that noone had share this feel this way? The feeling of having all sort out but nothing sort out .